Recruitment, advice and full defence in the field of:

  • Rights of property;
  • Rights of the person;
  • Rights inheritance or hereditary;
  • Family law
  • Civilian recruitment of all kinds, emphasizing but level:
    • Leases
    • Transmission or transfer of movable or immovable property
    • Mortgages
    • Registration right
    • Work contracts

Advice and advocacy in the field of:

  • Actions of Contractual liability and tort, derivative products, and professional responsibilities responsibility.
  • Disputes arising from contracts of work and construction law
  • Corporate conflicts such as avoidance of agreements. Responsibility initiatives against administrators and unfair competition actions.
  • Conflicts over civil and commercial contracts such as urban and rustic leases, horizontal property, procedures on validity, execution and interpretation of contracts, procedures on resolution and termination of contracts, quantity claims, agency, distribution, concession and franchises, contracts on fundamental rights and personality processes
  • Disputes in matters of succession, testamentary, Incapacaticaciones, guardianships.
  • Issues of family separations, divorces, adoptions.
  • Processes running such as implementation guarantees real and personal, provisional and definitive execution of judgments, bills of Exchange, cheques and promissory notes, arbitral awards, procedures monitorios and measures injunction, execution of sentences and international awards
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