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Association Mercantile. Law of company

Societario . Advice in constitutions of companies, groups and Entidades Empresariales concentrations interests ( ute , IEA , ...), as well as shopping centers and services .
Advice on social and estatutos newsroom of shares . Advice on actions societarias . Conflict Mediation between socios .
Advice continued in all those relating to the legal context of the company.

Secretary of Sociedad. Council secretariat functions . Control of Trade Books . Self- Development of the functions of Letrado Adviser .

Contracting . Advice on Drafting of commercial contracts is and civilians. clausulas contractual negotiations .

Commercial . Advice in respect of Distribution , Mediation and agency , in distribution , joint venture ,

Corporate. Advice on acquisition and merger of companies . Due Diligence . Valuation of companies, equilibrios assets, rentabilidades . Restructuring and asset .

Litigation . Advice on relationships and contentious court judgments in commercial matters, claims in full , Unfair Competition .