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Economic - financial. Book-keeper. District attorney.

Economic - Financial . Preparation of business plans and feasibility. Due Diligence . Rated . Advice on buying companies. Advice on negotiations with banks . Outsourced Financial Management .

Accounting . Creating , tracking and administrative organization of the circuits of the company. Establishment of general and specific accounting policies . Periodic meetings with management to analyze the information emanating from the accounting. Assistance and collaboration in the accounting close for the year. Preparation of the report of the entity . Presentation of accounts and discussion with the auditors . Preparation and deposit with the Register of Annual Accounts for the year .

Attorney. Ongoing advice to companies on the proper care of their tax obligations. Analysis of the taxation of financial transactions timely , making those alternatives that lead to optimization of the tax burden. Deserve special mention financial operations , insurance , real estate, asset structuring . Planning corporate structures from a tax perspective, considering both nationally and internationally. Taxation of companies and restructuring operations , particularly mergers and acquisitions . Taxation of personal and family assets , focusing on aspects of estate and inheritance taxation . Customer relationships with our clients' tax administration , with special reference to his representation before the inspection taxes . Substanciació resources and claims against the tax authorities and courts contentious - administrative .